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We have had great success with this packaging IN THE FOOD SERVICE SECTOR. This was designed with the future of the strawberry industry in mind. To reduce cost and maximize efficiencies across all channels.

The FREIGHTBUSTER is palletized in an 8-tie configuration stacked 20 high. 8 layers x 20 high = 160 per pallet. This is modeled off the current 2lb configuration. As you can see it is significantly taller than the standard 6 down configuration.

freightbuster comparison pallets

and Standard 1lb pallets side by side

The FREIGHTBUSTER clamshell was designed to maximize the space and airflow in the refer trailer. The clamshell is a 1lb unit with a “square” or “cube” design. This allows us to reduce the footprint of the carboard tray getting more boxes per tier.

Freightbuster packaging side Freightbuster packaging top
Birdseye and profile of the FREIGHTBUSTER clamshell

For reference a comparative view of the FREIGHTBUSTER v standard clamshell. The overall dimensions are different but each holds 1lb net of berries.

packaging comparison top
Side by side and stacked comparative


The FREIGHTBUSTER pack offers the most efficient way to package and ship product. Providing cost savings with every turn. You get 30% more product per pallet position.

2 pallet positions of FREIGHTBUSTER is the equivalent of 3 pallets of Standard.

2 pallets FREIGHTBUSTER       =      320 cases
3 pallets Standard                     =       324 cases


24 pallets FREIGHTBUSTER    =      3840
26 pallets Standard                   =      2808

That’s a difference of over 1000 cases per truck load. At $5,000.00 freight cost, utilizing the FREIGHTBUSTER will reduce your delivered cost nearly $0.50/ case.
This savings goes directly to the bottom line as you are not paying to transport dead space in the trailer.


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