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Strawberries Made, Family Style…

"Our mission at Success Valley Produce is to give our family: growers and customers continuous service performing to their expectations and to the best of our ability."

We strive to supply the best berries available, and to sell our fruit for a price that is equitable to both the customer and the grower, while maintaining the highest level of integrity in every transaction.

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As a family owned grower/shipper of strawberries we have found our area of excellence-- Success Valley Produce has direct control over all aspects of the farming and marketing decisions allowing us to take aggressive position in specialty packs and private label programs. By offering our clients superior quality, and excellent service we are able to give them an unmatchable advantage.

We have built our business with a strong emphasis on service and a genuine concern for our clients’ needs. Success Valley Produce is in business to make your job easier. We can supply you with quality fruit at a competitive price and we are looking for people to join our family in recognizing that value.
So please join the family!

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Our Family. . .

Jim began his produce career over 30 years ago when he first came to California. His passion for the strawberry industry began on his first day of work. Over the years he honed his skills in every aspect of the business. Today, he starts each morning in the fields, meeting with ranch managers, discussing quality, packaging requirements, and daily estimates. His dedication to berries keeps his days long and arduous.

After working more than 25 years for others in the industry, he began Success Valley Produce with a 40-acre operation which has now become more than 1000 acres.

Jim felt it important to approach the strawberry industry with a family in mind, and always included his family as the most important aspect of business.  As Jim’s family grew, so did the business, and eventually his children joined the operating team of Success Valley Produce.

Sam, Backus, Marcoelle, and Nick Nahas are the core of the team at Success Valley Produce.  They handle everything from sales, both international and domestic, to customer accounting and farm management.  Family is truly the core of the business, day-in and day-out.

Success Valley Produce
P.O. Box 20559 • Oxnard, California 93034
Phone: 805.240.2333 • Fax: 805.240.2330